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"I eat here about once a week I believe its an addiction, every sandwich i have gotten here has been great, fresh meat that they dont skimp on, the bread is really good and the little bowl of potato or pasta salad is perfect, BIG sandwiches sometimes i eat half, great to munch on during a charger game. I suggest the TBAC or the charger." - Orco X

"The sandwiches at this place is off the hook.  Small deli located inside of a liquor store will never disappoint.  Quality bread, finely shredded lettuce, thinly sliced meats and cheese.  BOMB!  Highly recommended to all." - Carla S

"Being a former PHHS student, this place will always have a nice spot in my heart.  Awesome sandwiches, i like the Californian, and they make a mean BLT...  The staff is great.  Family owned and ran, everyone is nice and extremely helpful.  

Have all kinds of liquor, full deli, and much more..."
- Thayne L.

"If you are looking for an awesome sandwich place you must check out Cheers! It is a little hole in the wall liquor store you would never guess had such awesome sandwiches. I have been going there since I was a kid and it has always been amazing!!" - Nichole T.

"They make the BEST sandwiches!  I recommend figuring out what you like though, and calling ahead because they can sometimes take a while to prepare the sandos.  My fave is the chicken fajita pita!  Mmmmm" - Cara P.

"I never thought this place could be so good. An awesome hole in the wall find. Roast beef cobb, Chicken with pesto and parmesan,.... and on and on. Just YUM!  But yes if you can  -  call ahead because they will take the time to make your sandwich right. And so worth the wait. Love the random potato or macaroni salad side with the pickle" - Jody T.

"I LOVE this place! They have like a million super yummy sandwiches to choose from. You're definitely not stuck with your basic club, italian, meatball, whatever (although they make those too). My favorite is the malibu ham ( i think thats what its called), it has honey mustard and it tastes AMAZING. Theres just something about these sandwiches... you definitely can't make them like this at home.

If you really want to work up an appetite, hike up cowles mountain (right around the corner) and head over to cheers. It makes the sandwich even better."
- Molly B.

"This is a great little deli tucked away in a convenience (liquor) store.  The sandwiches are as good as they come.  Prices are competitive, in the $5-7 range, but the quantity is way above average.  What sets them apart is the fact that the quality of the product even exceeds the quantity.  You can easily share a sandwich or take half home for later.  Sandwiches come with a small side of potato or macaroni salad.  Fountain drinks are available as well.  Try the TBAC (turkey, bacon and avocado), the italian sub or the philly.  Call ahead and it will be waiting for you when you get there.  You will NOT be disappointed!!!!!" - Tim P.

"This place is a TOTAL hole in the wall, one of my co-workers took me there once and I have been addicted ever since. For 2 years I told my girlfriend just how great cheers was, since I tend to embellish she never believed me. After a hike at Cowels she got to try the infamous cheers sandwich as well and kept asking "why have you never taken me here before?"

Cheers is awesome, the sandwiches will make you want to slap your mother." -
Brian G.

"I also came here in highschool after having passed by it many times but never going in. I never thought that a liquor store deli could be so delicious. Its pretty much famous in the area. The sandwhiches are huge and come with a pickle and side of macaroni salad. I always get pepperonchini peppers instead of the salad.

They also have pretty much every chip known to man to accompany your sandwhich and fountain soda. Strange, but for some reason the dr.pepper here tastes better than anywhere else."
- Ale S.


The Chainsaw is to die for!  I love the ham and swiss!  And they have the absolute best veggie sandwich you will ever try!

It's an absolute hole in the wall that not many people know about, but you can't beat it!  I recently moved to Del Mar but still head down to San Carlos for my CHEERS fix!"
- Joy A.

"I swear some of the best meals in town can be had at liquor stores...

Cheers is an amazing find. I lived about two miles from here for a year and consumed at least 365 inches of their sandwiches in that time. Here are some examples of what they offer:

1. San Diego Padres Chicken. (My favorite.) Marinated chicken breast with bacon, avocado, melted cheddar and jack cheese on a toasted french roll.

2. The Godfather. Capocollo, cotto salami, Italian salami, mortadella and melted provolone on a toasted french roll.

3. Chainsaw. (Shockingly delicious.) Roast beef with melted provolone cheese, served on a french roll with whipped cream cheese and bacon.

Go there soon. If you like sandwiches this place is worth the drive. Also, they take their time -- perfection takes time -- so call ahead."
- Adam V.

"Years ago a friend took me to lunch here after raving about it. It's a deli in a liquor store tucked in a strip mall in San Carlos?! Never judge a book by its cover. This place serves awesome sandwiches. They have a huge menu you can choose from or create a masterpiece of your own. My particular favorite is the Pastrami with Swiss melted to bubbly perfection. Sit at one of the three plastic lawn furniture tables inside or the few outside or take it home to enjoy. You'll be back time and again. I've had them cater a few events for work throughout the years and gotten more than a few people hooked." - Shelly V.

"I grew up just down the street from this place and have been enjoying their sandwiches ever since high school.
It's a nice cozy little place, in a lovely neighborhood right next to the Keil's grocery store.


I believe it is a family run business, some of the same people who worked there 10 years ago are still there today.  They are all very friendly and give excellent service.  Also, every other temporary person who I have seen working there through the years has also been very kind and helpful.


Its a liquor store first off, although small, they do have a pretty good selection of wines and spirits, and a decent enough selection of beer for a place that small.  Also anything you would probably find in a 7-11, they have there too...sodas, coffee, chips, and other snacks, plus cigars and cigarettes.  Super convenient if you're in there getting a sandwich and want something else to munch on.

Then there's the deli, which is OUTSTANDING!  You'll probably pay $6-$8 for a sandwich, but believe me its worth it.  They have an extensive menu with so many great sandwiches on it, and they have lots of breads to choose from.


If there's one sandwich I could recommend, it would be the TBAC on sourdough bread.  Turkey, bacon, avocado, and cheese (I usually go with cheddar), and it also comes with lettuce, onions, and good spread of mayo and light mustard, but if you don't want some of the extra stuff, just tell them.  I think this sandwich is famous all throughout the San Carlos neighborhood, everybody loves it.

It can get pretty busy in there during the lunch rush, so if that's when you're going you could be waiting 15-20 minutes, but thats not so bad when you're going to be enjoying one of the best deli sandwiches in San Diego."
- Ray R.

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